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Map of Cyprus: Cyprus Travel Guide - All about Cyprus Travel & Cyprus Holidays

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Map of Cyprus with Hotels, Apartments
and Camping Sites.

Cyprus map with hotel locations throughout the island, hotel apartments and rentals, accommodation and holiday lodging, as well as vacation camping site spots.

General Map of Cyprus.

Cyprus map with general information, Cyprus Towns and Villages, Ancient sites, Churches and Monasteries and main motorways and roads.


Cyprus Weather

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Cyprus Climate

Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with sunny blue skies year round. The summers are long, dry and warm and winters are mild. The fall and spring seasons are short and very pleasant. Summer generally comes with high temperatures and endless blue and cloudless skies, but the sea breeze creates a pleasant atmosphere in the coastal areas. Summer nights are pleasantly cool. Winters are mild, with some rain and moderate rain in the mountains. There is also snow on Troodos Mountains.

Map of Cyprus - Cyprus Travel Guide - All about Cyprus Travel & Cyprus Holidays
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