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Cyprus Travel Guide

There are a lot of good things for the tourist or visitor, packed into the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. Not only does it offer many good beaches, great weather and excellent holiday resorts and vacation spots, but also Cyprus is full of ancient history, with archeological and historical sites and ruins spread along the island, ranging from prehistoric primitive man to classical Greek and Roman ruins, to the Byzantine empire, the Crusades and anything in between.
The city of Nicosia (also known as Lefkosia) is the capital of Cyprus.
The other big cities are the coastal cities of Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos. There are two international airports in Cyprus, serving the busy tourist industry of the island, one in Larnaca and the other in Paphos.
Cyprus offers many and diverse charms to the visitor or tourist. The weather is sunny and dry for most of the year, blue skies is the norm, and the sea is always clear and enticing, with many beautiful beaches. The coastal resort towns offer modern luxury hotels, but there are also a lot of choices for the more independent traveler, like holiday apartments, remote villas to rent, or house rentals in the country side or villages.
There are also historic city precincts to explore, remote mountain villages, monasteries, beautiful churches, Crusader castles and fascinating museums.
To top it off, the food in Cyprus is excellent, tavernas in every corner, plenty and vibrant nightlife, and the people are very friendly.

Map of Cyprus - Cyprus Travel Guide - All about Cyprus Travel & Cyprus Holidays
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